Golden Horizon maintain a highly
professional management team with highly skilled
employees who will work together to excel our client requirement.

Regular updates of planning are made,
with special attention for non visible delays .
By taking a proactive approach, the project and
its team provide a great reliability.

Golden Horizon are committed every step of the way.

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Since our services can significantly impact on the environment and cause disturbance, Golden Horizon take our environmental responsibilities seriously .We have a full time team dedicated to the environment and our environmental policy is constantly reviewed and update to an exceptional standard .We recognize our obligations both corporately and individually to consult and develop acceptable practices.

Environmental management starts at the planning and design stage .Our company has extensive experience in working closely with all stake holders in the preparation of Environmental Impact Statements and developing acceptable design and construction processes.

Our Environmental management team sets out the processes that enable us to meet our regulatory, contract and social obligations regarding potential environmental impacts, so that we can plan and mange prevention measures for our business.

Golden Horizon develop environmental awareness through:
 Environmental Plans.
 Pollution prevention measures.
 Regular on site visits and audits.
 Working closely with clients, local authorities and communities.
 R3 System =Reduce, reuse, recycle.
 Recognition of factors such as noise and visual impact, waste management, hazardous waste as environmental aspects of our business interests.
 Selection of subcontractors, consultants and suppliers who support our aims, objectives and work within our environmental philosophy.
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