Golden Horizon maintain a highly
professional management team with highly skilled
employees who will work together to excel our client requirement.

Regular updates of planning are made,
with special attention for non visible delays .
By taking a proactive approach, the project and
its team provide a great reliability.

Golden Horizon are committed every step of the way.

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Golden Horizon Trading & Contracting LLC specialize in design, construction, civil, mechanical,installation commissioning and maintenance across a varied spectrum of sectors .We are a solution orientated company with the experience to undertake complex infrastructure challenges including construction, utilities, development, environment and community .Our services include design and construction solutions, project and asset management along with cost, risk, operational and maintenance management .We strive in fostering and building long lasting relationships and repetitive business with our clients and we develop collaborative partnerships to achieve shared objectives .

Our goal is to operate across the full spectrum of site requirements and situations .Golden Horizon adapts a “can do “attitude which attributes to the success of our core principles .We harness our team energy, our client’s requirements and move progressively forward to specialize the industries.

We at Golden Horizon firmly believe that a collaborative approach with our clients leads to greater project efficiencies in design, innovations and safer construction methodologies .Our energetic team has an undeniable customer focus and is well positioned to deliver quality end products suitable for government, private and joint venture projects .


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