Golden Horizon maintain a highly
professional management team with highly skilled
employees who will work together to excel our client requirement.

Regular updates of planning are made,
with special attention for non visible delays .
By taking a proactive approach, the project and
its team provide a great reliability.

Golden Horizon are committed every step of the way.

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Golden Horizon established a proven track record since 1995 .This escalates to us being a trusted managing contractor and /or asset manger as well as a preferred business partner for clients .We seek to enhance our reputation by means of a convincing track record of successful completion of specialized works and by taking demonstrating a standard of quality and professionalism that exceed our client expectations .The highest possible priority is attached to the maintenance and improvement of health, safety and environment standards for all stakeholders.

We constantly strive and plan to improve quality and reduce cost during our projects .Golden Horizon are best pleased when working together with clients in order to devise the best practical solutions possible for specific requirements and prevailing conditions .Complex logistics, innovative technical solutions, community issues, security concerns and strict environmental procedures are just some of the issues that we embrace .There is no single solution that accommodates all needs .Golden Horizon offer a dedicated workforce, highly committed management, well maintained specialized equipment’s, together with an innovative approach and unwavering commitment .We believe that these strengths enable Golden Horizon to provide clients with the most economically and technically effective solution in order to ensure that all projects are completed on time and within budget.


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